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I'm psyched! Screenies coming soon =)

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The new video and GUI are FINALLY integrated into the game application! WOOHOO!!! I've been adding to and tweaking the framework architecture and I'm pretty happy with the results. My physics and video threads are now running and playing nice with the rest of the app. This is important for one VERY good reason...

I'm trying to implement a feature that I've never seen in a game before. We've all played games that get bogged down, and if it's a mouse driven game, it turns into mouse cursor HELL! Yes, the mouse cursor whips to and fro and your ass is getting handed to you. My idea was to put the GUI and the game rendering in two seperate threads, write to two different surfaces and combine them in the main thread. If one isn't updated, the old surface is drawn. So, if the game is knocked down to 1 FPS, there's no reason for the GUI and mouse to maintain a minimum 16 fps, allowing complete control in the toughest situations. Neat, huh?!

Well, it works! It's still in need of some refinement, but I'll have that done before the weekend is out. Also, this weekend, I'm going to add the screenshot feature so I can post some evidence that I'm actually doing something. ;-)

One more thing... I've finally changed my gay-as-hell icon to a cool shot of me playing guitar on stage. AW YOU READY TO BLOODY RAWK AND ROWL?!?!?! Didn't think so...

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Guest Anonymous Poster


woot dude, woot.

hey, thought you might get a kick outta this, but you weren't on AIM:

i wanted to introduce some ideas to the series(and BTW i love that i'm already referring to it as a 'series'),

so call me when ya can. confidential. in case i forget what i was talking about, the keyword is "addict".

(because i'm addicted to this idea....)

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Guest Anonymous Poster


BTW, previous post, as well as this one, by PC. forgot to sign the last one, couldn't edit it.......as if you didn't guess.


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