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Picture Time

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So. Ordered Friday, Packaged, Sent Tuesday, Recieved Wednesday. Dells support is pretty good to some people. ;)

And, I present, the new toy.

Not the best camera in the world, but ya get the idea. :)

Oh, and Laz's journal has got me in the mood. So, here is the dog preparing for x-mas!

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How's the Axim fit into the daily grind for ya? I used to use a PDA but I stopped carrying it around with me when phones got better at doing a lot of the basic PDA stuff - just one less thing to tote around you know?

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Well right now its a handy little tool to keep track of everything that goes on at this school in one spot. Not to mention, my entire campus is wireless so I can access my mail anywhere I go and check up on the tech news when I'm waiting for my next class. So, all in all, pretty handy and I've had no problems with it hardware wise.

Yeah, I agree trying to carry around a cell + pda would become pretty burdening now days considering the technology thats being built into a cell phone. After the corps I got rid of my cell phone because my service was royally screwing up badly during my last year in. So, I vow not to have one.

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