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GTL : Good way to start the month!

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I've finally got off my arse and release the GTL into the world [grin]

Current release is source only as distroing all the libs would make for a HUGE download (VS.Net has 12 variations on the library, VS05 has 16 variations!), as such just sending out the source with two source files with examples of use seemed the best idea.

Unlike with the OGLWFW I haven't done an example project of useage, mostly because of the high useage of my own libs in the example code (OGLWFW to make the OGL window and my helpper libs to set things up), but as the code is pretty simple getting a working project from it shouldnt be a huge problem.. I hope.

Now, all I need is a linux and x86 OS X make system.
A general mac release would be nice, however I'm thinking I need to deal with a few endian issues to make that happen, and I dont know as yet what demand, if any will exist for it.

Anyways, website linked from the top of my journal, Sourceforce page can be found here.

Enjoy and all feedback welcomed & encouraged.
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Wow, things are definately looking up, finally. Will you be putting the source into the CVS root? If possible, I'd love to make up a .NET interface for it for use with Tao.OpenGl and possibly Managed DirectX.

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