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Little bit of progress

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Freezer 2: The finale is done. I think you'll enjoy it. I spent all this time writing an in-game cinema engine and then never ended up using it for anything but the ending. However, I left it open to future developers to make NPCs that cause the cinema scene, so we'll see if someone makes cinema excellence with my tools.

Here's a screenshot of me making sure the gameplay still works:

Yeah. I think it still works. I still have the help text and general polish to do before I can finish off the release -- including cleaning out my project directory and making sure I haven't accidentally left in any of my semi-legal test images and sounds. I think the code base is done at 7927 lines.

Amazing Future Project: You can target and hail other ships, drones, stations and planetary objects (using the TAB key to cycle through all stellar objects in a system) but the hailing doesn't do anything yet. I'm considering writing a round-rect drawing routine for OGL to make a nice UI for trading and hailing. No new screenshots until I get a nicer identifier made for the targeting mode, and maybe have some nebulas in the background.
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