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ThumbView celebrates 1 year old!

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Yay! \0/ Today is ThumbView's first Birthday! *gives out caek and pi*

I wish I could celebrate with a ThumbView 1.1 or 2.0, but alas... I can't. There are plans for a update but I don't have time right now. So instead, I updated the website to conform to XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2.0. As well as added a RSS news feed on the main page.

Also, there's three C#.NET (two 1.1 and one 2.0) samples that show how to use ThumbView with your .NET app so you'll get thumbnails for any image format ThumbView supports :D The ActiveX sample is especially nifty, and it's the one I explained in my last journal post.

Celebrate by downloading it if you already haven't!
Download ThumbView!

Happy Birthday little ThumbView! (english)
Grattis pa fodelsedagen lilla ThumbView! (swedish)
Feliz aniversario pequeno ThumbView! (portuguse, brazilian)

Post a little happy birthday to it in your language to show your love! XD
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Feliz birthday yay! Happy birthday to you! Um, good liuck with whatever your journal says :))

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