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New distro

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Will F


Had been running an old Ubuntu on my main dev pc for awhile and decided to upgrade to a new distro today. Tried Kubuntu first to see how KDE is progressing. Unfortunately I had some serious installation problems relating to my graphics card from nvidia. For whatever reason it didn't work and I had to resort to manually adding some info to the xorg.conf file. I had had the same problem with Ubuntu but had been able to fix it with xf86config (or xorgconfig, can't remember). Apparently kubuntu doesn't ship with either and I had to dig around to find a command to create an xorg.conf file (something like debconf xserver-xorg-common or xserver-xorg-core). Anyways after finally getting things working I decided to scrap the whole thing and go with Fedora Core 4.

It's come along a fair bit since I last used FC1. Installation went smoothly - it correctly identified my monitor and video card. However, the open source nv drivers still are a bit lacking. The engine i've been working on ran at 6 FPS - not good. Getting the official drivers from nvidia got it up to a more respectable 300 FPS. But once again getting the drivers working was a pain - though this time it was because of my ignorance. Turns out that SELinux (part of FC4) wouldn't let me install a new kernel module (even as the root user), so I had to disable it first.

Really need to look into SELinux a bit more. I suppose it's a good thing, but having software written by the NSA running on my computer does help to fuel the paranoid conspiracist in me.

One other nice thing is that FC4 ships with gcc 4.0, which caught a bug in my code that older versions of gcc didn't pick up on. Basically I was trying to call delete on what was once a naked pointer but is now a boost::shared_ptr.

In actual gamedev news I wrote a logging class. Not too exciting, but it gives me a fair bit of control over each subsystem. For instance, I can easily turn on or off logging of debugging info on a specific part of the engine i'm working on. I can also easily change the logging level to decide whether to dump a lot of info to the log or just the important information.
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