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Chuggin Along

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Thursday, Dec 1st

Holy freakin crap it's December already. No way. Where did the year go??

Anyways tonight I spent all my time working on the new GI thing I still can't talk about. I have a 3-page document written up on it so far. Yea it's gonna be big [smile]. Most of the time I just sat around thinking, there was a lot of stuff to consider. I still probably have a page more to write before I'm finished, but I want to sleep on what I have so far. You know how you get to a point where your brain gets so jumbled with ideas and thoughts? Kinda like filling up the RAM on your comp - everything sorta slows down and becomes cumbersome. So I need to sleep and defrag my brain, tackle the problem again tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, Aeon Flux comes out. Charlize Theron + skintight bodysuit + short black hair = total hotness. I suppose I won't be able to get back to Galaxy Conquest until the weekend since I be finalizing my GI paper tomorrow and then going out to the movies and the dojo. Ah well.

I also did some xmas shopping tonight, bought three things for my girlfriend, and thought up a few things to get friends and family. No doubt I'll still be hitting the mall xmas eve - it's pretty much tradition for me now [grin].

K I suppose that's it for today. Days are too damned short. I don't... I don't wanna.... sleeeeeeeee

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