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Just registered for classes... I'm not a CS major, but rather a business major at Berklee College of Music (I want to get into the music/sound area in game development).

COND-233-011 Conducting 2
CP-233-008 Traditional Counterpoint 2
CM-233-013 Trad Harmony & Composition 2
ET-242-016 Ear Training 4
HR-242-033 Harmony 4
ENSB-498-001 Contemporary Woodwind Orchestra (not taken for credit)
ENSB-325-001 Flute Choir (not taken for credit)
PIWD-XXX-113 Private Instruction - Woodwind
BM-311-003 Legal Aspects: Music Industry
BM-355-005 Advanced Computer Apps
BM-375-002 International Economics
BM-387-003 Principles of Financial Accounting
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