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## Damnit.

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Ugh, just got back from the dentist. I had two teeth pulled on the top right side of my mouth. Won't stop bleeding, lots of pain. Teeth suck.
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sorry to hear....hope you have enough ibuprofen/aspirin/paracetamol or whatever painkiller you have handy. Are you resting - ie not jumping about etc, and do you have a block of gauze or something to bite gently on to help stop the bleeding?.

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You'll be bleeding for the whole day. When I yanked out 2 of my wisdom teeth together, it wouldn't stop bleeding for a while. Just keep biting the gauze, it feels really good.

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Isn't the sucking what you do after the rest of your teeth have been pulled?!

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Yikes, poor you. Thankfully I won't be having teeth pulled until next year ... which is soon! ARGH.

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