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All's well

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Glad to see the demo was recieved well...when it worked. Sorry about the DLL problems for anyone who experienced them. This is my first game project developed with VC++, so obviously some things are going to be different. I'll remember from now on to include those two DLLs in the game folder before I send it out.

Now I'm making it so the game can save your highscore when you play. I think I might also try a highscore table. I still haven't figured out how to do that online though.
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Have you checked out my confusing online highscore tutorial? I've been meaning to spruce it up a bit (split the chunks of code up into sections with explanations like nehe) and then submit it to gd's articles but laziness won over [wink].

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I just might try that method that you explain in the article. I've been looking into numerous ways to do it, but that one is the best explained so far.

I was also considering using a PHP script. I don't know that much about web development so this is a tough problem.

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