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1st entry, and a 4E4 postmortem to follow

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Hello all, my GDNet+ status was just activated and this is my 1st journal entry!
In case you may not know, I was the one that designed the 4E4 game Zirconia 2 , which took 4th place in the contest.

Overall, 4E4 has been a lot of fun and a learning experience (yes, the last 20% actually does take 80% of the time). I really didn't expect to place this high in the contest; I was kinda intimidated by all the 3D FPS entries and maybe mine would get overlooked cause it was "only" 2D. It's also the first time I've made a complete game using C++; my previous games were mostly using VB. I'll say more on my choice of languages/engines next entry.

I'm currently in the "in between" phase regarding my next project(s). I'm a bit burned out from 4E4 and would like to take on a smaller project. There is a plan for version 1.1 of Zirconia 2 however, no really big changes- mostly bug fixes and a few new cards.

What is going to follow in subsequent entries is a postmortem of my 4E4 game (not all at once though).
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Hi and welcome to the journals!

I really enjoyed Zirconia 2, so I'm glad to see you here! Playing that game reminded me of how fun trading card games can be, and how I've always got a secret desire to make one myself (maybe in 2006?). I'd like to see what you'll make next!

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Really good game. It was in my top five. The graphics weren't as polished as some of the others, but it was fun and original. Fun and original trump hot graphics.

Keep it up. I look forward to your next effort.

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Never think of a game as "only 2d". A game should be displayed in whatever way best suits the gameplay, and for many games this means 2d.

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Thanks for the replies
The main focus has always been gameplay for my entry. I was just afraid I didn't stand a chance 'cause those 3D entries were getting really hyped up in the screenshot thread (early on in the contest). What matters most is the end result and I think only one of those entries (Toy Robo) made the top 5. Interestingly enough, if you look at the first few pages of that thread, many entries never saw the light of day. The download page lists 40+ games, and they supposedly had over 80 entries that were registered for the contest.

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Ok, so, I've been out of the loop here, I've been coding instead of doing my research, what is 4E4? and where is this link to your game you are talking about?

Thank you in advance.

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4E4 refers to this year's 4 Elements 4 contest, which ended in October. You can view more about this contest here .

The game I'm referring to, Zirconia 2, was my entry in the contest, which you can download at this link. Hope that helps .

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