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Will F


Wrote a height map class today. Right now i'm using the hill algorithm to procedurally generate the terrain. Will probably also implement the methods outlined in Game Programming Gems 1 in the near future.

It still needs a lot of work: right now rendering is brute force, I can't load a premade height map from a file, and a bunch more. I've also got a small problem with the texture coordinates, which i'm sure getting a good night's sleep will make apparent what i'm doing wrong. I'll post some screenies when I get it looking decent.

Otherwise I really need to either buy more RAM or preferably a new computer. Fedora Core 4 just isn't happy with the 128 megs of RAM in this computer, so i'm going to switch to a light weight window manager (rather than using gnome). I'm thinking about Xfce, but I used to use Blackbox and was happy with it. Regardless, either one should help cut down on the hard drive thrashing.
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