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More menu goodness

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K so I finished up my GI paper tonight, the project is now officially started. Like I said hopefully I can announce something in mid-December. So until then I'll stop talking about it.

Saw Aeon Flux tonight. It was an okay movie. Charlize Theron is hot as hell in all her outfits - I love the short hair. The action sequences were cool but typical American-style, all up close and almost impossible to really tell what the hell is going on *sigh*. The Chinese bitch slap us all the time. The story was kind of shallow, and you know there are going to be twists, but the concept is pretty neat once you realize the whole plot. Worth the money? Yea. Worth seeing again? Not till it comes out on DVD in the bargain bin.

My grandmother turned 80 years old today. Happy Birthday Obaa-san!!! Can't resist posting this pic cause it's so funny [smile]

Yup that's her...

And finally, I putzed around with Galaxy Conquest a bit more tonight, adding a quit dialog to the main menu and game editor since the editor will also require dialogs like "save changes to this map?" "clear map?" and such. So I figured it'd be something worth throwing together tonight since it wouldn't take a lot of time to do. And it didn't. I also learned from the GG forums how to create captions for my buttons - just had to set the modal property of the text controls to false so that they wouldn't try and capture mouse events. Yey. Here, have some pictars.

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If Gaiiden gives the thumbs up, then it must be good. I'll have to go watch Aeon Flux at one point next week. :P

And of course your GUI is looking especially shiny. Some cool shading around those green borders and you've got a winner. :)

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The movie doesn't look as good as the old episodes did. I'm going to have to pass on this one until I see more.

And: Damn, those are some nice dialog boxes.

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Thx guys, I'm really happy with the artist I found to do this game (and Blitz Blox). He's a great guy and stuff like this helps motivate me. How can I let great looking game assets just lie around? Must finish the game!! :P

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