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more bike tribulations, and falling on my ass

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Cool, I did my second bike lesson. As expected, it didn't go terribly well. Why, oh god why, did I decided to do my lesson on a Saturday morning? Not exactly a cure for a hangover, but I survived yet another few hours, and didn't died of shame. yet. BUt I can see the end coming soon.

I mainly spend the morning knocking off cones, and screaming "Oh my god, no!" at the slightest miscalculation, which were numerous. Open the throttle inadvertently mid-turn in first gear, again confuse the clutch with the break lever, and use the break pedal instead of the accelerator.

Maybe I thought the game was knocking off cones on the floor with the front, but it wasn't a terrible idea. A couple of falls later, after cones were basically stuck under the front tyre, I kinda learned that I had to move 'between' cones. Hey, I tend to learn better when I get slapped around, so in the end, it wasn't that bad. Well, dropping a 500cc isn't a pleasant experience, but apparently 'they are there for that', so why restrain myself, hey!

I did enjoy the slalom bit, apparently taken in third gear, but given my complete incompetence, second gear was good enough. Maybe too good, the U-turn at the end was still done on wet grass, due to another embarrasing clutch / brake confusion.

All in all, quite a funny experience in retrospect. if I can't laugh about it, I might as well throw myself off a bridge!

I can't wait the next lesson. Possibly, 'what to do in case of an accident', and me being the accident. The bike stuff is slowly getting drilled into my (thankfully) thick skull, getting more confidence, despite the couple of wipeouts, ...na it's cool. Just like snowboarding with a 300lbs board on hard tarmac (and the occasional bit of frozen grass).
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Guest Anonymous Poster


lol, I like to read about your adventures ;)

I dont have learn driving a motorcycle,
but I tried it some times with a friend and such a "mechanical horse" can be scary ;)

good luck with the next try :)

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Yea you need to be careful about cracking that throttle. It doesn't take much does it? [smile] I remember when I was first learning to ride when I squeezed the front brake instead of just using my fingers I would roll my hand a bit to help with the squeeze and thus revving the engine. Luckily I usually had the clutch in at that time :P After that my main problem was stalling out, since riding a bike was my first experience with a clutch.

Just takes time man. You have to tame the beast [grin] I'm sure you'll ge the hang of it.

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