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Pah. Freezer 2 is done.

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After a bit of a marathon last night I got the damn thing done. I'll upload the binaries to GDNet as soon as my OS X binary is finished building (I was cross-compiling against the 10.4U SDK to make sure that I could still port to Intel -- but I still want to maintain compatibility with older versions, so I'm going back and re-doing it).

Game's pretty damn good. I was amazed at how long the manual I wrote for it ended up being. There are a lot of features and possibilities for people wanting to mod this game.

Edits: The new version is up on the GD showcase as well as my website (soon). It features a fix for the survival mode bug, and to make up for the bug I've added a "nearest freezer" arrow over your head when you are draggin' corpses.

Amazing Future Project: I was working on the economy loader, and will be starting on the procedural system generator and route binder (graph algorithms finally come in handy). More later.
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Pretty fun, smooth gameplay. Lots of blood. [sick] [wink]

I did find one bug: if you play survival mode and get killed, then press return in the menu to play survival mode again, it boots you from the game.

Also, the credits scrolled really slow on my computer. Are you using time-based scrolling?

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I am using time-based scrolling (I just have a really low scrolling speed set), and I have no idea why that survival mode bug would exist -- I am resetting all of the related variables every time. I will see if I can reproduce it.

Edit: Whuh-oh. Segfault.

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Okay, that was pretty significant hacking. I fixed the segmentation fault, made the credits scroll properly again, and added a little arrow over the player's head to point them to the nearest freezer (and made it quiver insanely).

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That was fun. F2 has plenty of potential. :D Critisizm:

- Dragging corpses is painfully slow. After dragging a few of the ones really far from the freezer, I gave up and just shot everyone and left. Doh. ;)
- Survival mode is, well, too easy. Or maybe I'm just too good. :D
- What if panicked civilians alert any police they find nearby, and give your location, so police groups start coming after you? Right now they just seem to stand idle until you attack 'em
- Does the '+1' text float upwards eternally? Hehe.
- Reset the 'Freezer 2' rotate/float logo when we re-enter the menu, please. Just a pet-peeve to see it where I left it before half-way across the screen
- How about blood spurts when we shoot something; like a cone of blood behind the victim in the direction he was shot in?

Cool game overall. Keep at it!

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You can always edit the physics.dat file to make the corpse friction reduced. I had it up there to a fair amount to try and make things work.

As for the +1, it does eventually fade out (just like the blood).

Cops will notice if you kill or wound a nearby NPC, or drag a dead body past them. They'll also notice if you shoot them, of course [grin]. They have a poor range, though, and quick AI falloff. I picked a relatively rigid state system and ended up making piles of hacks.

Blood does appear when you shoot people as well as when they are dead and bleeding; for a fun effect you can also shoot someone and let them run away; they will leave blood trails on anything they touch after that point.

Resetting the menu loop is a good idea; I wish I had thought of it.

Edit: Laz informs me that the menu and the in-game HUD display debug information still. I thought I had commented this crap out but apparently not. It's fixed in the Windows versions.

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