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Bugs Bugs and more Bugs...

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While testing Epoch Star I'm fighting my way through what seems to be an endless supply of little annoying bugs.

My mouse over display just stopped working on my Jump Gates. It's a little hard to tell from this screen shot, because it didn't pick up my mouse cursor for some reason:

Also, when the player ship collides into too many objects, it's Z position changes, and it eventually drops below the billboard I used for my starfield.

Maybe some day I'll finish this game... I have dozens of other games I would like to write, but I want to finish this silly game first. I think I bit off more than I can chew on my first attempt at writing my own game. [sad]
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More than you can chew or not, it's turned out to be great so far. If you really want to finish this game first before starting a new one, why don't you stop adding features, and lock down what you have.. regardless of what you want to throw in there; then fix up your bugs and release it?

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The screenshots certainly look impressive. Especially if you are working on this alone. If you decide to finish it, it looks worthy of a playthrough.

Good luck in your decision.

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Thanks for the comments and advice and the kind comments. I would like to lock it down... and I'm sure I'll do that before it's really what I want it to be... but at the moment it's still just too far from what I want it to be, and I find that kind of depressing. I have a concept that I want to create a game with... and I'm constantly compromising features out of the game.

The hard part for me is deciding when it's close enough to my initial vision that I feel like I created a really good game, without destroying myself in the process.

My brother had been helping me a lot over the summer, but since he's gone back to school, progress has gotten much slower.

I appreciate the advice [smile]

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