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I've landed

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I'm now living in Huntington Beach, CA. in an apartment about a mile from the beach. It's a nice place to live from what I've seen but it's not that fun to be away from my wife and son. They should be on their way out soon though ( a couple of months [crying] ).

Before the drive out here I started work on a max tool to quickly add grass quads to a scene. I've mostly worked on the interface so far. It will allow the user to cover an area defined by a spline with optional edging. More details later. I start work on Monday so I have until then to catch up on journal reading.
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Missed this! Congrats man, I didn't think you'd ever have much trouble getting a job after seeing all the cool stuff you post. Best of luck to ya

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Thanks everyone.
Just think how great it'll be when you do get to see your wife and son
My thoughts exactly. Until then I'll just test the limits of our phone company. Hopefully they'll come for a visit soon.
Don't party too much in their absence. And congrats again on the move. How are you liking the area so far?
The area is really nice. I think I'll like it more as the weeks pass. It usually takes a few++ months for a place to feel like home to me. As for the partying... Try to stop me. [wink]

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