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Introducing EasyShots!

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So here's my latest and greatest!

I wrote this program because I was tired that every time I wanted to show a friend or a coworker a screenshot of something I made, some weird bug, or something I was working on I had to hit PrintScreen or Alt+PrintScreen (for a specific window), fire up Photoshop, create a new image, save it, then find it and send it... to me this was way too much time and effort, especially when I had multiple programs running, the debugger and my engine all in the background.

EasyShots was born, this program quietly sits in your systray and whenever you press PrintScreen or Alt+PrintScreen, that screenshot gets saved into a list of thumbnails. From EasyShots you can preview the screenshot, you can save it out, you can also save out ALL the screenshots you've taken, and most importantly you can drag a screenshot out into any other application. This could be Photoshop, email, instant messenger, anything!

You have no idea how easy it is, and I've also made it pretty affordable, only $9.99! Go ahead and download the free 15 day trial, if you share a lot of screenshots, you're going to love it.

Download it here
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