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The part 5 of the Eternal Lands postmortem is almost done, tomorrow or Monday I will submit it to so hopefully it will be published this year.

This past few days I tried pretty hard to make my Ipaq h3600 work with a wireless CF card, but I couldn't manage to figure it out.
It doesn't want to work under PocketPC 2000 (the drivers install and stuff, but it doesn't see my network). The card is 802.1b and my router is g, but it should see the b networks as well.
I did read on the net that this card wants PocketPC 2002, and I even got an upgrade CD to switch to PocketPC 2002, but unfortunately the program that flashes the bios won't run because the power addapter is fucked up so you can't connect an AC/DC addapter to it, and that shit won't flash it without an addapter connected.
I tried the latest Familiar linux version (a 0.8.3 snapshot) but they have issues with the pcmcia drivers so it didn't work. Supposedely they will have tomorrow a fix that will make it possible to access this card.

Other than my struggle to make that PDA work properly and writting the 5th part of that article, I did some programming to the EL server, implementing a lot of random event days. I have just 5 or 6 more events to implement, and then it will be ready for testing. If the tests go well, we'll have it on the main server by the end of the year.
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Make sure your router settings are set up to connect to B devices. My router has 3 settings, B only, B and G, and G Only. If you are on the last one, your PDA wouldn't be able to connect.

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Mine has G and Mixed. It is set on mixed.
Anyway, the network was set to hide the SSID, I will try now to see if it works after I made it visible.

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