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Hear that?

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Wow, its late...

All day and night I have been fiddling around with DirectX Audio and I must say, WOW... Once I figured out what was going on (to a degree mind you... ;) ) I started doing some pretty sweet things.

So, what can we do right now in the demo.

- Listen to Multiple Sounds in Different Positions
---- "Walk" Moving Left, Right, Forwards, Backwards
- 3D Echo Effect
- 3D Reverb Effect

All within the comfort of your Console Window.

Time to sleep
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Recommended Comments

You should create a game for blind people. :-)


You forgot the download link. ;P

*laughs* As much as I would like to present something to the community, It would be safe to say that this would be a bit premature. Once I get the demo effects built and a demo fully contructed, I will be more than happy to present it to get some (contructive) critism.

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