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Hello all(if anybody reads this at all, wouldn't surprise me if you didn't)

I just decided to do OpenGL first and then pass on to DirectX in a few years time. I'm also experiencing difficulties with taking screenshots of my OpenGL programs in Xcode and MAC OS X.

Hopefully, i'll be able to supply you with some really neat 3D cubes [grin]

Another thing that I noticed was that my avatar isn't really something to brag about. So I'm going to fire up Photoshop and see what I can come up with.

I also fiddle around with BlitzMAX on MAC OS X. It really isn't working that well. A shame, really, since it would be fun to do some coding apart from C++(high-level language) and Blitz3D(sky-high level language). So I think I'll reinstall it.

I've also started reading Harry Potter- And The Half-Blood prince. Really cool...

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We read... We're just too lazy to leave feedback ;)

"If you write, they will come"...

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Ditto. You'll see your view count rise - promise we're not clicking in and then immediately hitting the back button. Well... maybe not... all of us... *cough* Did I say something?

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If you're using SDL, I have some basic screenshot code for SDL/OpenGL applications you can just drop in.

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