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Progress will be slow.

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Final exams coming up. Study study study or die die die.

Amazing Future Project: I got the OGG soundtrack manager in place. Now you can float around space listening to chilled electronic music, if you so desire. I loaded it up with the samples from my friend's band Redpoint's new album, which is totally fucking awesome (buy it, damn you).

Oh yes, ships also roll when you are turning, and the camera looks ahead smoothly now instead of a jump and bump. It's actually quite fun to fly about now and seems realistic. If I hadn't gotten distracted by the Freelancer demo earlier today, I would have gotten more work done (probably with inter-ship radios).

Freezer 2: After the patch-fest yesterday I'm pretty sure it should be playable. I'm very surprised at all the positive feedback I've gotten; I honestly didn't feel it was that solid of a game outside of the shooting.

The only negative comments I got are about how boring corpse dragging is; I got the dragging in near the end of development (stupid huh?) and didn't really want to go back and figure out a more entertaining way. As it is, the new patch version adds a little arrow pointing to the nearest freezer so that takes care of Toolmaker's request for features. [grin]
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That ship keeps reminding me of Star Wars Droidekka droids, the onse with the force fields that roll around and then unfold.

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It is actually a Droideka model, which I am using until I can get around to making some new ones.

Please don't sue.

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