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Not much to report, which is a bit annoying, reall

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Trapper Zoid


Status report on Project Alpha Redux: currently not going all that well. For some reason I just can't seem to stay focused on working. Maybe it's the increasingly warm weather, or maybe I'm just tired after the whole year and looking forward to my fortnight trip back home? Either way, I'm going to have to try and break this spell of blank mindedness and get myself to finish something before Christmas, in an attempt to try to maintain the right mindset in order to make indie games.

I'm still aiming to get an alpha version of the blocks based game (Project Alpha Redux Alpha?) finished by Christmas, but I may have to resort to crazy coding techniques again like I did with Pierre and the Fish. I guess this won't be a problem, as I'm going to plan a better engineered 2D engine for the new year, and some slap-dash coding will help me better understand what I need.
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