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So my journal appeared to have fallen off the main page. First time that's happened in a while... [headshake]

Unfortunately I don't have anything hugely exciting to write about at the moment - so here's a rabbit with a pancake on it's head. I think the university term finishes in about 10 days or so, which is the equivalent of crunch-period for me. Got a couple of reports to get in and all that jazz.

The only mildly interesting things that I can think about posting (and I did have to sit and think about this for a while) is as follows:

  • Based on that silly graph thing I posted last time, seems my posting was down from 8.7 in October to 6.7 in November - sorry[attention]

  • I've also come to the conclusion that my rating has reached a fairly stable "resting place" which works fine for me. It's remained at 1730-1732 for well over a month now, which is the longest period it's stayed constant (that I can remember).

  • I really want the staff to expose forum-type stuff as XML so that I can write scripts/programs to feed the inner statistics-junkie [lol]

    Although, as a promise once my dissertation picks up I should have some pretty pictures to post [smile]
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    My rating's been around 1370 for a long time. Might go up if I start being helpful someday.

    Keep making lots of insightful and interesting journal entries [smile]

    Good luck on the crunch!

    Thanks! I'm half tempted to play the game that if I ignore it long enough it'll go away...


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    I made it manually - as in, I was really that bored. I've got a big excel spreadsheet with all the numbers in now, so I don't have to do it again [smile]


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