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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone

How is everyone doing? This week has been a very unproductive one for me, too much work and not enough time.

Mark was able to draw out some components for our newest endeavor "Tank Game" (suggestions for a name?). Anyways, if you haven't been reading my journal, "Tank Game" allows you to build a tank from premade components, and then take your tank into battle and whatnot. All in all, it's going along pretty well, but Mark is way ahead of me (as seen in this fantastically gradient-ed picture).

Those are just a few of the components we want to have by the final version.

On my side of development, I've been slowing chipping away at the big things, and saving all the little things I know how to do for later. The engine currently supports the loading of multi-component vehicles, loading of tilebased terrain, individual entities (trees, rocks , etc), projectiles, and OBB collision. You can see all these features in the following screen shot, there's a red bounding box around the tank, a bullet about to hit a tree, and a bunch of crappy grass tiles.

Anyways, I'll try and put up another update sometime this week that goes over how damage is handled between tanks, and how armor and weapon penetration come into play. Talk to you guys later.
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Well, in an attempt to build upon my "It's just plane fun" suggestion, here's some ideas for your new game's name:

- Steel Tracks
- Ton of Gun
- Heavy Metal Gunner

I particularly like the second one. Even if they aren't what you are after, hope they help spark a few ideas :-)


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Thanks for the ideas,

We are really leaning towards something like your first suggestion, with some sort of cool subname, we have some ideas, and I'll post them soon to see what you guys think.

Again, thanks for the comment!

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