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A happy ending after all

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Well, as I had hoped, letting my comp sit for a few hours has remedied the problem enough for me to log back in and back up all my data. Hallelujah. I'll start looking tomorrow at my options for getting a new hardrive in this sucker. Until then I'll just have to power off when I'm not using it. I dunno, maybe after it gets too hot from being on too long the drive starts going bonkers? I started it up and the drive was quiet as a whisper, not the scratchy whiny bitch it was earlier.

Well anyways enjoy the screens posted below, because they are once again the real deal [smile] Tomorrow I plan on actually adding stuff to the map, and yes I will edit my files remotely :P I'm also sticking to webmail too until I get this problem fixed, thank god I can still access all my accounts... K see ya bye
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