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It lives!

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A public release of Brass has been released... it can assemble some rather nasty Z80 code (TASM macro-abusing code, that is!) fine. Hopefully people can start finding the parse errors, or just complain at the horrible colour scheme of the manual.

And why did nobody tell me you could access the LSB/MSB of IX/IY through IXL/IXH/IYL/IYH before?

@kwijibo: You can use a Latenite beta if you take this file then unzip this file on top of it. It is almost entirely data driven - all Z80 registers (that I knew about) and flags (likewise) are hard-coded (but not Z80 instructions).
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Oh, he is not crazy.

When you say of someone that he is crazy, you assume that his brain is still functionnal. C'mon: he wrote a Z80 assembler!!!!

He is not crazy, he is teh c00lzorZ!!!!11 (and I'm going to marry him in the next few weeks)

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Very cool. When I actually manage to gather the sheer willpower required to tackle assembly, expect some feedback on Brass from me. :D

Keep at the nifty stuff!

(Ah, the colour scheme isn't that bad, sans the purple highlighting :P)

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