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A Christmas Miracle

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Last night I was feeling pretty down, so I just got in my car and drove around for a while, as driving cheers me up. I'm not sure what happened, but something was calling me to a local Media Play. I felt this strange urge to just go there and look for Legos.

My urge turned out to be good; I went there and found two old sets that I've been looking for, and each of them were on clearance for 50% off. These sets haven't been made in 2 years, so this is a pretty rare find.

This one is normally $40, and has some cool gearboxes and a really high-torque motor in it.
This one is normally $50, and has more cool gearboxes, and a programmable motor unit that can record inputs and replay them as outputs.

So I figure, 50% off each is pretty damned good! $25 for the programmable motor and $20 for the other motor... woohoo (Those are the reasons I decided to get them; the extra parts are just filler to me), so I'd be paying about $50.

I wandered around the store for a bit more, looking for cheap computer games in the $10 bin, but they didn't have anything worthwhile, so I decide to check out.

The guy scans the $50 set... and WTF?!!! The thing rings up at $1.88!! I saw it and said "okay dude, don't fucking say a thing", pay for it, and get the hell out of here. So he rings up the other one, and it doesn't ring up at all. It asks for a price.

Crap, I'm screwed, right? The guy's going to call his manager over, and the manager is going to notice, and they might even accuse me of trying to scam them or something. So the guy calls his manager, and talks to him for about 10 minutes, trying to figure out what to do; he keeps asking his manager if the other one should be $1.88 too, and this goes on and on... until the manager just tells him to enter $9.99 for the other one and send me on my way, because a line is forming.

So he does this, and charges me something like $12 total... and I walk out of the store with $90 worth of Lego sets.

I had my Christmas miracle for the year.
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Actually, then I went grocery shopping. I went to the self-checkout line, and there was already a bag of fritos sitting on the counter. I could have taken it, but I felt that I had already pushed my luck enough that night, so I gave the bag to the nearest employee.

She didn't even thank me though, for an act that I thought was exceedingly honest.


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Excellent find, grasshopper. Now snatch this $1 McDonald's Best Buy ticket out of my hand.

Actually, I'll just give you the damn thing. They all expired two days ago.

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She didn't even thank me though, for an act that I thought was exceedingly honest.

What a bitch, you would have expected her to reward you with a blowjob for such gentle behaviour.
There's no justice in this world.

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