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## Fixed

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So I was approached by two of the GDNet Gods telling me that I kinda broke the rules when I modified my journal by removing the GDNet logo. I didn't get in trouble for it since these rules aren't actually posted anywhere (yet). However, I politely complied, and the result is above. The GDNet logo is still there, everyone knows they're at a GDNet site, and it still looks holly jolly. Hope I don't get in trouble for the Santa hat covering the top part of the "G" ... hmm ... we'll see. Easy enough to fix if it's not allowed.

I've still been playing a fuckload of World of Warcraft and periodically Doom3 and Half-Life 2.

If you feel the need to catch me on WoW, I play on the Alleria server, normally using any of these toons:

Lazareth - 50 Night Elf Rogue (go figure)
Stimpy - 20 Dwarf Hunter
Iraya - 5 Human Paladin

I'm usually playing as Lazareth as that's my main for now.

I installed Visual Studio 2005 the other day, it's spiffy, I like it so far. Thing I hate are those god damned deprecation warnings. I just disabled the deprecation warnings, and all was happy again. However, now that I've got a faster computer, I realized that a lot of the game doesn't work like I saw on my slower computer. I'm not taking time-based movement into consideration for a lot of stuff. FART wasn't much of a new learning experience for me, but it did smack some sense into me, and in this case, it made me understand when to take time based movement into account when I'm doing my calculations, so it won't be hard for me to go back and fix it, rather than asking myself, "Do I multiply the delta here or not?" ... over and over and over. So I'll get around to working on Lazteroids 2 soon.
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Woot... wow addicts... speeking of... WoW... my guild took down rag this week. :)

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