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Ah, the Joys of School

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Yay! I finally get to sleep after 48 hours of last-minute-start-and-finish-a-major-school-project.
Over the last 48 hours (during which I had no sleep), I wrote 65KB (counting end file size, which excludes the initial work I did since I started over) of barely commented C++ code that implements the essentials of an intel 8086 assembler to the point that it can generate a correct(as far as I'm aware - I can't look closely as tired as I am) listing file of a test assembly program.

I can see why the average programmer would slow down to only write an average of 3 lines a day. 65Kb of code is too much too manage when you wrote it while half asleep, and I'm still not quite sure how I got it working. I just hope the professor appreciates the work I put into - maybe not much time, but a lot of just about everything else there is to give.

Normally this teacher asks for code in hard copy, but I'm fairly certain she'll make an exception just this once =-)

This concludes my second 'crunch time' session, with the first being for work (see a previous journal entry of mine) and this one lasting much longer (last time I actually slept before I finished!) and produced MUCH more code (byte-size-wise).

Thank you, and good night.
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