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EL postmortem part 5 finished.

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I finally finished part 5 (and perhaps the last) of the Eternal Lands postmortem, and I e-mailed it to the devmaster.net guys. I will let you know when it's published.

In other news, two days ago we started a public testing of the new items cooldown (on the test server). With a few minor issues (many that were solved already), the testing looks good so far, so I guess we will implement it on the main server this weekend.
While testing the cooldowns, we did encounter an unexpected and unrelated bug, with the shared vision system. Ironically, we totally forgot about it and we were focused on the items, and when we discovered it it took me a while to realize what was the most likely cause for it.
I didn't fix it yet, I still don't even know what causes it, but I do have a good idea, and I will investigate after we finish with the current changes and tests.

The random day events are almost finished (only 2 left to be implemented), then hopefully next week or this weekend they will go on the test server for additional testing.
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Hey! I've waited this postmortem for ages! That's a great news (and I'm pretty sure it will deserve a news item on gdnet main page when he'll be out).

Happiness, happiness! [smile]

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