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Interesting how things turn out

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Monday, Dec 5th

Wow. Most unplanned night ever. I got home from work wanting to rip into some GC but boy did I get side tracked all to hell :P

First I reinstated my main laptop back to its spot on my desk since the hard dive seemed to want to cooperate again. After that I spent some time on the phone with the girl while eating dinner. Next I played around a bit with Remote Desktop - now I run Trillian, some of my Konfabultor widgets, my Money account, and soon my email on my old laptop via an open window of Remote Desktop. This pretty much frees up my main machine from having to access the hard drive for vital data I don't want to lose. I'll still run apps like Codeweaver and stuff on here, but all the files will be modified on the network drive that is my old laptop.

This means I get to run this comp into the ground. Along those lines I started a thread in the Lounge asking about my options for the hard drive. I think I may try to get Sony to ship me out a new drive, that would be awesome. I doubt they'd upgrade my machine for a harddrive failure, especially since it's less than a year old.

So after playing around with setting up my remote files and such, I moved 6gigs of tv shows over to my main machine to free up much needed space on the old laptop. I didn't wanna delete the shows and I don't have a DVD burner and I don't mind if I wind up losing them if this disk crashes so it was a good solution. Took a while tho as you may imagine, even over a LAN. So I watch Headlin News Prime from 12-1. After that the transfer was still ongoing so I checked out TVGuide.com and saw that new Sci-Fi miniseries The Triangle was repeating its first episode airing. So I tuned in. It was pretty good, I have to admit. I've followed some Bermuda Triangle research and it was cool to see them use the methane gas bubble theory to blow up a ship. The whole wormhole time-warp idea is pretty cool too. Based on the previews of the next episode (of three total) it seems tho like there's some kind of government conspiracy involved (oh gee big whooping surprise) and the original benefactor of the project has a more personal stake in the matter than we first realize. So I guess I'll be watching tomorrow... Or taping it rather since I won't be around to see it live.

Sooooo The Triangle ended at 3 and I flipped channels a bit just out of curiosity for what else was on. Came across Turner Classic Movies and there was a cute gal singing in and old movie. Had what looked like pirates cheering on so I figured I'd watch for a bit. Pirates aren't as cool as ninjas but they're still cool. Turned out to be an old Bob Hope comedy from 1944 called The Princess and the Pirate. I caught the last hour and it had me almost falling out of my chair laughing at the end. Also had a nice swashbuckling pirate raid - always nostalgic seeing people die by short sword jabs and blades along backs and through arms.

Righty then. So it's now 4am and oh geez whaddya know, I still haven't done this weeks newsletter! Now why the hell would I stay up to work on a newsletter that I don't get paid to do? Well the simple answer is that the whole GDNet team works through situations just as daunting without pay for love of this site, and I sure as hell ain't going to be the only one who doesn't. (yes, they're all pointing and laughing at me right now. Bastards :P)

So I knock that off by 5am and realize I still have to back up my Outlook data. *sigh* So I initiate a personal folder backup through Outlook around 5:15 and... *checks*...yep it's still going. Holy crap if I had known it would be this slow I would have just copied the damn .pst file over myself! Of course, it being ~700MB doesn't help much either. I'm a pack rat, shut up :P

And so here I am at 6:30 in the morning. Wow, fancy that huh? What happened to all my work on GC? Well that's the beauty of working for yourself. I'll work on it Wed. Yey.

On a last note, this hard drive is really confusing me. Is it dying or what?? I've ran it for like 10 hours now with no reall problems, although it's finally starting to hum a bit now. I guess having the comp on for long periods of time really is a factor? That's mainly the reason I'm still up - I want to shut it off after the backup is done rather than leave it on while I sleep. *sigh*

BTW I intercepted a phone call to my mom around 4:45 that said my old highschool had a 90-min delay today. Guess we didn't end up with as much snow as we thought we would, either that or the roads just stayed clear. Ah well, woulda been nice to not have had work tomorrow and slept in... later... than usual... *cough*

K my girl's going to wake me up in about 6 hours or so and yell at me for being up so late so I'd better get going [grin]
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