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Ideas, Ideas...

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So I've been formulating many ideas for how Stompy 2 will play. Since I'm too lazy to open Microsoft Word right now, and because I want to get feedback, I'll post them here.

The game will start out on the first floor of some lab building. You as Stompy must get to the top floor of the building by getting to each staircase on every floor.

My origional thought was that the staircase on each floor would always be there right from the beginning. The problem with that is that the player could just run right to the staircase, ignoring pretty much everything else. My idea now is that the player must collect something in order to be able to advance to the next floor. Possibly a key or multiple items.

Each floor will be randomly generated. I'm currently planning on having 40 floors total, but this might change. Every 10 floors, you must fight a boss character.

Here are a few enemy ideas I thought of:

Robot - Simply follows Stompy around until it is shot. You've seen this one in the demo.

Big Robot - Same as robot except bigger. Also appears in the demo.

Mutant - An enemy that looks kindof like Stompy. Basically wanders aimlessly around the map.

Gun turrent - An enemy that doesn't move but will shoot at Stompy.

Crazy Guy - An enemy that appeared in the origional Stompy. An evil serial killer looking guy who is roaming around the lab for some reason. If he sees Stompy he attacks him quickly.

I'll post more enemy ideas as I think of more.

Weapons in the game will function kindof like the game SmashTV. You will grab a weapon, but it will wear off after a short period of time, and you'll have to find another one.

Here are my weapon ideas:

pistol - what you start the game with and what you use if you don't have another weapon.

Machine Gun - Simply speeds up the amound of bullets you can fire.

Shotgun - Fires in a spread, but slower than the pistol.

Bomb - Fires and explosive that not only kills enemies, but it destroys obstacles too.

There will be a few items and powerups you can pick up. Besides the item you need to get to the next floor, here they are:

Money - Gives you extra points

1Up - Gives you an extra life

Super Stompy - Makes you invincible for a short amount of time

I'll probably think of more items later.

Finally, there are the bosses. Every 10 floors, you will have to fight a boss. Since there are 40 floors in total, that means there are 4 bosses in the game:

Ultra Robot - A huge version of the regular robots that appear from the beginning.

MegaMutant - A mutant that looks suspiciously like MegaMan(hmmm).

MechaBlocky - An evil robot that might look a little familiar(double hmmm)

Evil Stompy - The final boss. Stocked up with tons of weaponry and looking to kill Stompy so he becomes...um...the only Stompy.

So those are my ideas for the game. Please leave any comments you might have, and also any ideas for the game you might have for the game here.
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