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Employed again!

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So I got offers back from Realtime and EA. EA are offering more money and a relocation bonus but are based in possibly the most expensive area of the UK to live in! Realtime on the other hand are offering a competitive salary and I live fifteen minutes walk from the offices in an awesome flat. Also Dundee is full of my friends, thus it was a slight no brainer. I'll be starting work with Realtime Worlds working on their MMORPG project, APB, as a Software Engineer on the 5th of January. The real issue is money NOW! Borrowing from my parents is both good and bad. Good because they offer much better rates than banks. Bad because I've been pretty independant since I moved away.

So that takes the edge off the stress anyway. Although it will be interesting moving from a company of five people making mobile games to a company of 130 working on next-gen console and PC titles. :D

On another note I've been spending my days re-reading Effective C++ and through the Game Programming Gems series'. All good stuff.
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Delighted to hear you were able to find something suitable so close to home. I hope you're very happy there.

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Cheers, I know a lot of the guys working there already and am confident their mature approach to development will suit me.

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Best of Luck with it Charles - you're a fab and dedicated worker and should do really well with RTW (perhaps we should have been a recruiting agency...hmmnn..*ponders*.. [grin]) [smile]

The 5th will come soooon enough, so enjoy the holidays while ye can!.

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