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A few days ago i promised to post a video showing seamless planetary transitions. It's not ready yet, but to make you patient until i fix all the bugs and implement detail textures, i've uploaded a small "teaser" video: a panoramic view of a valley, surrounded by mountains.

Get it here ( 3.7 Mb DIVX4 )
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nice clip! What I would love to see is a video of the atmospheric scattering. Say lock the camera, speed up time and show us what it looks like from sunrise to sunset. That would be worth atleast a handful of cookies (some of those with big choco chunks in them!)

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Yeah yeah yeah, double tripple mega chocochunk cookies. When school's done I'll do a little of that scattering stuff again. I got rayleigh and multiple scattering working okay, if not a little slow -- might take a shot at making it GPU based. Still though, get cracking! Videos are great :)

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That's looking awesome. It's always good to see a single coder pumping out worlds better than most huge multi-million dollar teams. Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing some full transformations from one planet out into space and down to another planet.

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