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Well, the sound demo is pretty much on the back burner for now. Got some extreme changes going on with the main project and the demo is a good foundation for future implentation.

You can hear it: downloaded here

Summary of Demo

-> 1. Reverb Effect on a Galloping Horse
-> 2. Reverb Effect on Artillery Shells Firing
-> 3. Echo Effect of a Breaking glass
-> 4. Stop current sounds from playing
-> 5. Quit Execution of the program

The Effects are definitely not tweekable at the moment; except for inside of the source. Enjoy the Console/Sounds!

On another note.

We're about to get knocked around by a good ol` fashioned winter snow pretty soon. Can't wait, and i'm glad I live close to campus because its going to be single digits in the morning. Brr!

Take Care All,
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