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Well, the team is really rolling right now. We have subversion & bugzilla set up and rocking, and the programmers and artists are doing good work.

The latest big change has been the integration of the facet editor into the game. We have a separate level editor, so before now there was no simple way to edit entity properties in game. This will be very useful for tweaking gameplay parameters and debugging.

Soon it will be in the level editor as well, so I don't have to keep at the laborious process to add more data & gui to the entities as time goes on. Most new data will just go into the facet system. Here is a shot of the facet editor in action :

Fixed a couple of bugs yesterday, including light leaks on the doors & gates - caused by D3DCULL_CW (backface) cull mode during shadow map creation. This is often cited as a good way to prevent shadow artifacts - but, at least on world geometry, I find it creates the more objectionable light leaks. I had set this while debugging another problem a while ago, so changed it back to D3DCULL_CCW and the issue went away. Here is the fixed version of the iron gate :

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Good to hear that things are moving quicky/forwards!

Random question... is that a custom GUI you've got for your facet/entity system? it looks like WinXP, but not quite [oh]


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Looks better every time I see it. Will there be a port to "alternative" operating systems?

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It's CeGUI, using the d3d9 renderer.

Aaah... I've heard a lot of good things about that, but I've never actually needed to use it myself.


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