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Font Engine

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One of the major issues with Tuss Toss was that we didn't use any sort of font engine. Since we didn't need to dynamicly draw any text on screen, we simply made bitmaps of the words we used and then copied them to the screen. This was a very poor idea in hind sight and has been our first step towards something better.

This shows the new text drawing abilities that we made. Now first thing that I should note is that DirectX offers some great API calls for drawing text. However, you can see that the game's fon't really couldn't be handled by the basic text drawing methods. Instead we created the entire fontmap and copied it to a texture. Now we use the Direct3DX sprite interface to draw things in 2D or 3D. Text can be scaled, rotated and have its alpha value manipulated. Also, because the 2D graphics are not drawn pretransformed in 2D space, things can actually fly towards the camera at the player for some neat effects.

Creating a font engine really doesn't take that much time and will really improve Tuss Toss.
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