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Website updates

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I blinged out my website with spinning rims (and Gizoogle).

It's got a Christmas theme, a rolling set of thumbnails that link right to the project page, and it's per-game rather than per-platform and game on the sidebar. Should be pretty awesome to try out; I plan on adding little platform icons soon.

Amazing Future Project: Lots of final exam crap, unfortunately. I did get some good progress going on my space game, and I will post the involved screenshots (with my new self-made models) here in a few minutes.

The first shot is me flying through the rungs of my new space station model. The second one is me targeting it and getting ready for a docking procedure.

The fighter does need some serious retexturing but I think the station is shaping up to look a lot more like a real game. It looks even better with the lighting turned on.

Edit: Here's what the Japanese had to say about Sloplifter:
Sloplifter(working the cover, the side scroll game which gathers the apple)

I wonder what "working the cover" means. Machine translation still sucks.
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