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Posting just to post? Meh, guess so

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Wednesday, Dec 7th

Ah well, nothing exciting to say really. I'm kind of in a slump right now with all that's going on. I have to kick my insurance company in the ass to get them moving on my claim, and I still have to figure out the best way to deal with the problem of my hard drive. It seems to be behaving okay still but there are times when video/audio is choppy, no doubt as a result of bad seek time. I opened up Codeweaver and just sorta stared at the code for a few minutes before realizing I had no motivation to do anything, even I believed I did a few hours ago. Ah well, just gotta get my ducks back in a row. The holiday season isn't helping matters much either. The thought that I may not get back into the swing I was in last week until after New Years is kinda depressing, if not a harsh reality. But ah well.. my Monday night escapades are still echoing to this day, I'm pretty darn tired. It took me three tries just to write the word "tired" just then. A sign perhaps? Perhaps. Hokay, guess I'll curl up with a mag till my eyes fall shut...
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Take a break for a few days - I'm sure you deserve it [smile]

I get that no motivation thing every now and then, realised that I can get around it by going away and doing something else for a while. Change of scenery and all that.


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Hokay, guess I'll curl up with a mag till my eyes fall shut...

Let's hope nobody took that in the context that I did [eek]

[lol] perv

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Yea I use that technique often but in this case it's just the weight of other matters pressing down upon me that's stifling.


you sick freak [wink]

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