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Is this the end?

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Well, the last month or so has been a nightmare to say the least. Adding to Meh's journal entry about Caveman going under, I feel I should clarify a bit more about it's situation...

Basically, a final bit of funding fell at the last hurdle due to predicted revenues from our first game not being realised and our second game (licensed) still sitting with the publisher and, needless to say, this has caused us some severe problems!.

So, we closed the office, laid off staff (Meh has been particularly brilliant throughout all this) and cut all unneccessary costs and, although we are not developing any new games at present, the company looks like it may be able to stay, as is, until revenues start coming through...it's still being looked into at present by the powers-that-be!.

Our first game (goodness, how long is that now?) has recently been accepted by Korea so, it should start selling there soon, if not already, and we've still to find out if/how it is selling in America and China.

So, there you have our current situation. It's been a bit of a bummer, but there are still opportunites out there for us next year if we're in a more stable position to grasp them....it's just a matter of whether we can exploit them as we are now or rise like a pheonix into something new........watch this space! [smile]
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Thanks EDI, something will turn up....we're looking around to do some normal work until we hear whether we get the funding to develop the non-game mobile applications, or we get a remarkable wad of revenue cash from game sales at the end of January, or we win the lottery! [smile]

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Was indeed a bit of a bugger as I really enjoyed working at Caveman. Still best of luck to you and Mike for the future!

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I know you can pull through this if your heart is in it. Bad times sometimes make for better futures. Best of luck to you.


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If by end you mean end of a begining then yes :). But Arr, that sucks. Hopefully it does re-arise. Also, you never finished that story of yours...

Finally, how has this affected your Quiting Program? Not at all hopefully? :D

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Ooo, my quitting of the evil weed...needless to say I've had the odd ciggie at very critical moments but the health visitor has been very kind and kept me on the programme.

I've certainly not gone back to a 20 a-day habit and the clinic do checks to see if one's telling the truth anyway!...so, I'm at the stage that I can go for days/weeks without having one until something drastic happens that I cave-in for that few drags that help me put everything into perspective and help calm me down - I'm still happy about myself and I don't feel a failure when I let a craving get the better of me as I tend to look upon these times as 'momentary lapses of reason' only! [grin].

As to work situation, I've no idea how it's going to pan out - all I know is, is that there are uncertain, but also exciting, times ahead indeed!.... :)

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