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Two more freebies and platforms

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Two more freebies I missed, as they were in my quick-launch bar and not my start-menu. . .

XCalc. Excellent RPN replacement form the Windows calculator. Shelly couldn't function without this.

Notepad++. I'd been using an old version of UltraEdit for quite a while, but this seems smaller and better. There are loads of free "better than notepad" editors out there, and I'm not married to this particular one. It just seems small and quick.

On another note, formerly Macromedia (that's what their web page calls itself now) is starting a development page for the iRiver U10-series MP3 players. Just thought it was interesting that they're inviting people to develop stuff for their little player. There are already a couple of games out for it. The player has a really odd way of controlling it --there are four little switches along the edge of the screen, and to register a keypress, you actually press down on the edge of the screen, which is why the little device photo shows arrows pointing at the sides. It'll be fun to see if somebody makes something to work with that control metaphor. My first thought would be a marble-maze game that you control my "tilting the maze" by mashing on the edges of the screen.

Anyway, iRiver's "write some stuff for this" policy is in contrast to the Leapster handheld educational gizmo. This thing's also running Flash. Actually it's running Flash 5 which is a quantum leap in capability from the Flash 4 on the iRiver players. LeapFrog, however, has completely closed the platform. Even though there are a thousand cute web-games that would be great to run on this thing, they've made it clear that their development program is closed and they're not looking for third parties to make games for it.
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