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## fixed yet again

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Alright, so I fixed my journal, and I think it looks a tad bit better now. The change that makes it look better is probably not noticable by anyone other than me, but it's oen of those things that only a perfectionist would notice.

I'm not a perfectionist by any means, but when it comes to small stupid aesthetic stuff, i like to be as perfect as I can.

Anyway, it's fixed. The GDNet thread in the GDLounge mentioned something about them giving someone a 1 year GDNet+ subscription if they decide to use a custom-made CSS by a user. I'm thinking about trying to submit this Christmas theme. Problem is, this theme is journalified ... meaning - it only modified the CSS for the journal posts and the header. I'd have a lot more CSS to go change if I wanted it to make it look right for the forums too. Not sure if I feel like doing that, but we'll see.

EDIT: AHHHHHHHHHH It's still not fixed! I just noticed a problem! GRR.

EDIT 2: Fixed, yet again.
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