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Heroes:Brink of Darkness has had slow development for the last month, partly due to my regular job and some just due to the holidays. Anyway, I have done some work.

I had built a loader for an exported 3D model. It was for the Game Exchange 2 format. After viewing the challenged image, I realized, it wasn't the loader, but the export was using a different UV map than I wanted it to. It results in an odd looking model.

I am going to put aside the model loader for now and move on to other things.
  • 3D Map Tiles

  • 2D animated sprites

  • HUD

  • Menu

  • This week, I have implemented a socketed client server. Right now it is just passing a custom class and I will eventually will have it maintain and broadcast the game in a multiplayer game, but it is now only a shell and place holder for the communications.

    I also have some small images of the character concept art.

    Kung Fu Fighter

    Master Archer

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    Nice character art there! My only small gripe is that your villain looks a bit too friendly; he looks like he could blend in with the two heroes. Maybe he needs a slightly more sinister face?

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