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luv' ma bike

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Lesson #4. Some more road practise. It's getting awesome. Feeling comfortable on the thing now, letting it rip is a real pleasure, instead of being an pant-soiling scary experience, and I've worked hard on the slow part, get some feeling going, dropped the bike again, but it's almost there. Slalom is easy, I need to get more rythm. All in all success!

A girl doing the lesson crashed too, kinda bad. She dropped oil on the tarmac, fgs! Well, she is all right, but the conditions were tricky. very slippery. I almost locked the front, and definitely the rear, braking a bit hard on a greasy road.

And I passed the road theory thing, since I'm so old I have to do it again. Great, now I can get back on my bike! :)

...After my interviews. It looks very promising now. Some really cool companies lined up (and I mean, ultra cool), now I just need to no fuck it up! :) Send them a couple of poxy demoes, which I was quite surprised, were apparently well received. Hey, who knows, I might actually be a good coder after all.

Anyway, gruelling week, better go if I want to catch my ferry, and actually do the interviews instead of talking about it.
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Cool - be careful, shit starts happening when you start feeling too confortable - get into the idea that it's going to be a couple of years until you really have some experience - I rode a beaten 400cc 1980 honda for a couple of years, finally bought a new bike (2002 vfr 800cc) a month ago, and almost dropped it yesterday - my leg still hurts of the effort it had to do to keep my baby up :)

It's bloody fun to drive this thing though.

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I luv that sexy vfr. That would be the kind of bike I'd buy. Sport tourer, lovely. My cousin his selling his, a 750 vfr, carburator (not vtec). I'm really interested in buying it (when I get my license), but at the same time, I don't want to crash it. With all that fairing, it would not take much. It's cheap, but it's too much of a nice bike, and he would hate my guts.

dilema,... My conscience tells me to buy a crappy disposable 500, ...

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