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Shadow map progress

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Shadow maps are almost done...I've still got a few issues to work out. If you want to help me fix my alpha testing issues...read this thread HERE :-)

Still on the shadow map to do list:
- Fix alpha testing...arggg

Still on the "update graphics" list:
- Environment mapping (shop windows, vehicles, some streetside objects).
- Post processing glow effect, though I don't have the fortitude to follow through with HDR lighting.
- Smooth out player animations, make them use vertex weighting.

I just got shadow mapping working in-game with the hardware skinned characters...behold...

There are still some problems with these scenes...alpha testing, and the characters are a little too high off the ground...a few other little things. Also the players look very jagged in these screenshots, I'm still working on getting the players to use the vertex weights, etc...once that's done verything should look great. I'm glad it's progressing.

The shadows are all self casting, so players cast shadows onto vehicles, vehicles cast shadows onto themselves...etc. It looks sweeeet.

Alright, I've got a lot to do...back to work :-)

- Dan
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This is kinda off-topic, but I just read on gamespot.com that Strategy First(your publisher, correct?) that they will be offering their games on Steam now. Any news on whether yours will, or is that for Strategy First to decide?

Anyway, the game looks spectacular, especially considering that it is a one-person team (not including graphic artists). Keep up the outstanding work! I hope I could get to that level one day.

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Wow...that was news to me. I really hope that my game would be distributed through Steam...that would be great! I'm a little Valve fanboy [grin].

This is great news. Go Strategy First!!

- Dan

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Yep here's the link to the article if you want:

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