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The Hits Just Keep On Coming

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Ever have a week that makes you look around and wonder if you've offended someone on a cosmic level? This one's been like that for me. Yes, the hits just keep on coming, and include such wonderful experiences as:

  • Having to take off and put back on the entire right inner panel of my car door-- one hour before dark, right after work. Why? Because I decided to roll down the (electric) window and it decided not to roll back up. I'm now have a car whose right window should NEVER be rolled down.

  • Losing the security badge to the office I work at and finding WEDGED UNDER the rollers of the driver's seat (a near physical impossibility)

  • A boss that asks for a completely database 1 hour before I leave (She has pointy hair, wonder what that means...)

Well, at least it's not as sporty a time as I had when I was writing my book. [rolleyes]

Straylight Update

After having to put it aside for the last couple of months I'm back trying to get the Torque Shader Engine up and running. My goal this weekend is to spend some time mapping out the overall architecture. If there's time, I'm also going to try to get more art into the Torque Show Tool (maybe a completely textured starship) so that I can both keep my skills up and nail down one part of the asset pipeline.

Family, Montage Mode, Death and Rebirth
You know, maybe I should stop kidding around with this and get down to some serious stealing. After all, one of the Straylight's objectives is to capture the essence of sci-fi (or SF for you purists). So instead of trying to wedge the semblance of normal family and clan, why not leverage some of the interesting takes on "family" in SF:

Strong themes that often appear:

  • Natural versus engineered - As I've mentioned in posts, maybe this suggests a tech tree of genetic effects that mimicks character leveling, except its across generations.

  • Ancestor Ghosts - What if the knowledge and voices of all of your ancestors was available to you? That would really upend the "skilling", and definitely would require some system for continuous challenges.

  • Digital interaction - Brainphones? VR? Maybe "iconizing" some family interactions will help cut down on a major problem with this idea, depiction.

  • Dayclubs and simming - Is there a need for schools and classrooms in the future? If knowledge comes in the form of implants or RNA sequencing, kids would learn faster and family dynamics would look very different.

  • Mind Design - If you can tailor your child's genes, how much of their psychology can you alter? And how much should you alter? There's an interesting range of possibilities here which could make how you treat offspring critical.

  • etc.?

Conceptually, I'm still groping for ways that will make this matter in terms of gameplay, rather than an arbitrary story. I've got to look at it in two ways: Is there any gameplay in being a member of a family, and is there any gameplay in heading a family?

I'm still not sure, but as it's late I'll have to continue this later...
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