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Good couple of days...

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Well, things are still moving along. Still having what is probably a stupid bug on my part with the physics integration, but hopefully that will be fixed soon.

Had a meeting with a local team member and we went over the code in person. It was productive, plus it forced me to clean up my office! ;)

Yesterday I added fans. In the process I tweaked some of the object properties that were reserved for doors, to be more general. For instance, I had checks in the code to see if the object was of type 'door', and if so, don't react physically to impulses. Instead, I changed it to checking for the property 'receive_impulse'. That way the fan doesn't slide across the level when you bump into it...

Then, I made the fans spin, and speed up and slow down as they are turning on and off. Looks very cool with the shadows. The fans are a key element of level 2, which will feature poison gas that must be blown out of the way in order to proceed.

Plus, they will make a nice detail element on certain boards for the final game.

Here is a shot of the fan casting a shadow onto the world & main character.

The little shapes you see on the floor are gems, which need their material adjusted to look better. Right now they are too bright.
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Looks pretty cool as always [smile]

Do you actually have a proper office, or is it just an "office" in a spare room in your house/flat? [smile]

Fans+Shadows+Games=Awesome. I remember Playing DX:IW and hiding from a bad-guy behind some boxes and I could see these shadows moving around and the occasional noise... assumed it was the bad-guys I was hiding from... readied myself... jumped out to try and grab them... but nope, it was just a couple of fans on the other side of the rooftop [headshake]. Great bit of gameplay though.


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Right now I am working out of a room in my house. It's a 4 bedroom place in Los Gatos, so pretty good digs. If I had more local talent, I'd get a small office so we could work together, which is the thing I miss most about nvidia.

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