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A Few Things

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1) Notepad++ is the greatest Konfabulator Widget creation tool ever.

2) JetLag Konfabulator Widget(rename zip file to JetLag.widget). Comma and period to move, space to start a game.

3) regarding the development of Konfabulator widgets: a subtle bug surfaced in the development of the JetLag widget. I was keeping the high score in preferences, and saving the high score whenever the game ended. This caused, when debug=off, the widget to lose focus, and pressing the spacebar after that caused the widget to close. It worked fine in debug=on. A helpful fellow, yyy, helped me on the Konfabulator forums. I simply had to refocus the widget after saving preferences. However, this is voodoo code, and I don't like voodoo code. But I was going for "done", so I did it anyway.
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