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Detail textures, step 3

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Sweet people, here i do officially present you Mount SnowWhite. Meet Mount SnowWhite: a huge mountain located in a long chain of mountains ( second view ). This mountain is, by strange circumstances, approximately the same size than Mount White, Alps, on Earth ( 4700 m ). The screenshot was taken at an altitude of about 1740 m, where the eternal snows are starting. The top of the mountain is actually a plateau: it is completely flat, but it cannot be seen from that view. The huge rock on the middle-right is a cliff almost 500 m high. The mountain can be seen at up to a 50 km distance.

I'm continuing to improve the detail textures generator. Today, i've been working on the turbulence parameters for the normal map and the height map. I've also added support for multiple layers sharing a single texture. I added an immediate mode for my renderer, looking OpenGL-alike. I've also separated the concepts of texture unit and texture interpolator in the renderer, to allow me to access up to 16 TMUs ( needed for better detail textures ).

The low orbit view still looks horrible.
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Simply amazing work....I absolutly love the last 4 screenshots you've posted. Keep it up!

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